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Softscape refers to the lively area of your landscape design, which features horticultural elements. Unlike hardscaping, a softscape doesn’t feature a permanent design or quality. It all depends on the changing climatic conditions, which may limit the plants that easily grow within your area.

What Is Softscape Landscaping

Softscape landscaping can include trees, plants, vines, shrubs, flower beds, ornamental grasses which grow together in part of your landscape. In a softscape design, some of the elements like trees and evergreen shrubs remain consistent throughout the year. You may also use perennials to add color and texture to your softscape design, as they have a longer life span than annuals.

 adding color and texture to your landscape

Why Premier Concepts Stands Out As a Softscape
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When put together creatively, softscape elements give your yard a natural, fresh and appealing look, which further enriches your residential landscape. However, when it comes to softscape installation, you need to be very careful as softscape features need to be in harmony with other landscape elements. Also, these planting features require maintenance work like trimming, pruning and edging. The annual flowers also need to be replaced on regular intervals to add a splash of colors to the softscape design.

Other than this, flower beds will require regular mulching and weeding. Regular watering is also an important part of your softscape landscaping.

This is where Premier Concepts will help you with its professional softscape design and installation services. We have 20+ years of experience in all sorts of softscape landscaping projects. We use only the best methods and follow the highest standard in horticultural practices when installing landscapes. Our expert team is well aware of how to design and place the softscape elements in your landscape design

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