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Low Voltage Lighting

Design and Installation

Outdoor low voltage lighting provide a pleasant alternative to glaring floodlights. They can be strategically positioned to accent the plants and features you want to highlight. They can be used for safety—to illuminate paths, steps and dark zones. When artfully placed, they can be as beautiful and natural looking as the landscape itself. Low voltage lighting is safe to use and install.

Some features of outdoor lighting:

  • Low voltage = low cost to light and maintain
  • Safefor pets and children to be around
  • Add an element of security; most thieves avoid well-lit homes
  • Can be used to illuminate paths, steps and dark zones
  • Can add a dramatic emphasis to your home’s best features

Things to consider when adding an outdoor lighting system:

  • Avoid over lighting
  • Outdoor lights look best when highlighting certain pathways or home features. When lighting a pathway, consider whether you want to light only the path or the path and the features surrounding it
  • Consider changes in the seasons. Install lights where they won’t be easily damaged if you are shoveling snow
  • Know that some plants, like hydrangea bushes, look very good even when they’re leafless

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