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Residential Irrigation Installations

We specialize in all types of residential irrigation systems and installations.

If you need a residential irrigation system (including drip systems), then you just found the right place.

We recommend drip irrigation systems for many areas around a home. For example, traffic strips or garden areas present unique challenges in terms of irrigation. Their unique narrow shapes and their vicinity to driveways and roads requires precision to avoid “watering the roadway” and potential pedestrian slip and falls. In addition, the variety of plants often requires precision irrigation to meet the needs of the individual plant species.

Residential Irrigation – Drip Systems

Planters with popup irrigation heads waste water and energy through evaporation and overspray and they cause run-off. With drip irrigation, the water is applied directly to the plant’s root system which optimizes water usage and eliminates run-off. Plus, overwatering often results in plant death due to root rot occurring.

Premier Concepts drip irrigation solutions utilize advanced technologies that ensure durability, lower maintenance and outstanding water and energy savings. We carry all the best product lines including a wide range of sub-surface and on-surface drippers and dripper lines designed for every need.

The 5 benefits of drip systems are:

  • No run-off and wind over spray unlike overhead irrigation, which is subject to runoff and wind over spray, drip irrigation accurately applies water to the root system only. This not only means saving water but better plant health as well.
  • Eliminates breakage – since drip systems are often completely buried and not visible, sprinkler head breakage is avoided, reducing your maintenance costs.
  • Precise yet flexible treatment for every plant type – Unlike overhead irrigation, drip irrigation offers precise control along with flexibility. Even in tightly spaced areas, you can apply different irrigation plans for every plant type. For example, flower beds can receive a different amount of water and fertilizers than what is applied to a grass area.
  • Long laterals with a single valve – Premier Concepts drip irrigation solutions are both low pressure and low flow systems. This means that you can deploy very long laterals connected to a single valve and still enjoy uniform irrigation throughout the traffic island. In contrast, overhead irrigation requires splitting the traffic islands into irrigation zones which are connected to multiple water sources, wasting more water and energy and requiring more ongoing maintenance.
  • Self-cleaning and root prevention – Premier Concepts drip irrigation solutions are designed to operate in tough environments (even below the ground) without requiring ongoing maintenance. We can design your system to ensure that the drippers withstand dirt clogging and root intrusion.

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