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Tips for Winter Lawn Care This Year

Tips for Winter Lawn Care This Year By Rob Biehl On November 24, 2019

A simple way to ensure that your lawn is healthy and beautiful year-round is to give it the right winter lawn care. While your lawn does not require much care in the winter, it does not mean that you can completely ignore it. What kind of grass you grow and the way you prepare your lawn for winter can make a big difference in the appearance and healthiness of your lawn.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Below are some tips that will help you prepare your lawn for winter:

1. Aerate & Fertilize Your Lawn During Winter

winter lawn fertilizer

Aerate your lawn by providing some additional air for grassroots. Use a spade to take out soil spikes in your lawn and create holes for planting seeds. Use a spreader to apply fertilizer. Apply only the required amount of fertilizer since too much fertilizer can damage or destroy your grass.

2. Keep Your Lawn Clean

Keep Your Lawn Clean

Leaves might have piled up on your lawn during fall, thus making your lawn look untidy. Leaves that are piled up on your lawn can become wet during winter, which can encourage diseases. If the leaves are not too wet or thick, mulch them into dim-sized pieces with a mower. Remove the leaves if they are too wet, thick, or matted down. Also, make sure to remove debris and lawn furniture from your lawn.

3. Mowing Your Lawn for Winter

Mowing Your Lawn for Winter

Consider the weather conditions and temperatures before mowing your lawn and only mow your lawn if necessary. Do not mow your lawn if the ground is too wet or heavy frosts are expected.

4. Weeding Your Lawn in Winter

Weeding Your Lawn in Winter

While preparing your lawn for winter, do not forget to control weeds and focus on your grass. Healthy grass shades the soil and prevents new weed seeds from germinating. During the growing season, mow your lawn at the appropriate height and water regularly if it is not raining.

Make sure to control charlie, dandelion, creeping, henbit, and other weeds during the fall. You can either dig them up or use herbicides to treat the problematic areas. Follow the temperature guidelines when using herbicides.

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5. Rake Out Moss

Rake Out Moss

While preparing your lawn for winter, remove any moss that is present in the less sunny parts of your lawn. Excessive thatch and soil compaction make it easier for moss to occupy your lawn. With the season change, light-blocking trees may have lost their foliage and provide you a chance to reseed these areas. In other areas, moss may have developed since the soil was low in grass-friendly nutrients, water, and oxygen. Be sure to remove this moss too.

6. Get a Soil Test Done

Soil Test during Winter Lawn Care

Get your lawn’s soil tested to know what it needs in the growing season and its condition, texture, and acidity. Collecting samples is easy as long as your soil is not frozen. A soil test is helpful to measure the nutrients that are available to grass and plants and take necessary steps if a problem is found.

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