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Landscaping Trends for Winter in 2019

Landscaping Trends for Winter in 2019 By Rob Biehl On November 18, 2019

Winter is the most awaited season because of the holiday spirit and joy it brings to people everywhere. Welcome this winter with mesmerizing landscapes. Here are some timeless landscaping trends to transform your yard.

1. Build Your Dream Arbour

Dream Arbour

This arbour will be the first impression of your garden. You can build the arbour over a walkway or seating area. Then grow climbing flowers or grapevines so the plant can easily spread over it and thus emphasize its shape.

2. Crackling Fire Spot is a Must

Crackling Fire Spot in garden

A fire pit is a gorgeous outdoor gathering spot. Make one to provide warmth to all your family and friends. Varieties of options are available from gas or wood fire pits, portable or permanent ones; the choice is yours. Don’t forget to install safety measures for any unforeseen situation.

3. Beautiful Berries

Beautiful Berries

Look into berries shrubs and trees that bear fruit throughout the autumn and winter. Evergreen foliage and magnificent colorful berries attract fauna. Choose Holly, Hawthorn, and Mahonia to light up your garden.

4. Emphasize Winter Bloomers

Winter Bloomers

Flowers brighten up your garden. Cheer guests with cyclamen, crocus and dwarf iris that flourish in the cold. These have long lives and come in varied colors. Vigorous verdure covered with buds exhibits a natural floral display.

5. Ambient and Accent Lighting

Ambient and Accent Lighting

Illuminate your landscape to enhance its beauty and increase security. Imagine a Jardinière full of green leaves stretched across with twinkling series bulbs. Prefer LEDs and lighting timers across walkways, sideways, and bare wood.

6. Charming Pergolas

Pergolas in garden

To bring your indoors out, pergolas are the best option for landscape enhancement. You can build a Grable or curved roof structure to allow sunlight during the day time. It can be a fun DIY activity for the whole family.

7. Obsessed for Ornamental Grass

Ornamental Grass in garden

Ornamental grass will last the entire winter. Grasses sway in the breeze and add movement to the garden. “Karl Foerster” feather reed grass does it well. Create an edging curve around flower beds and sidewalks. You can also place a stone or wooden pew to relax and breathe in the natural beauty.

8. Alluring Interiorscapes

Alluring Interiorscapes

A great blend of technology and art to convert indoor space into an appealing landscape. From pots and containers to living walls and edible citrus trees, plant-scaping brings in aesthetic value to the businesses and homes.

Landscaping in the fall and winter is the best time to harness the advantages of nature. Winter is ideal for testing new plants, perennial herbs, and edible trees. Seasonal landscaping allows you to stir your imagination.

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