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5 Ideas for Water Conservation in Your Landscape

  5 Ideas for Water Conservation in Your Landscape By Rob Biehl On May 7, 2019

Every residential or commercial property owner desires a beautiful landscape setting. A landscape surrounded by greenery, not only adds value to your property, but also promotes a healthy environment. However, maintaining a beautiful landscape with greenery requires adequate watering which may lead to water wastage.

Here are 5 excellent water conservation ideas for your landscape.

  1. Understand Overall Watering Needs 

    Understanding Water Needs for Water Conservation in SummerYour irrigation schedule will mostly depend on the type of soil you have. It's essential to understand your soil type, its ability to hold moisture, and how much water is needed by each plant to thrive in that soil. This will help you determine how often to water your lawn or landscape in summer to prevent wastage from overwatering. 

  2. Choose a Water Efficient System

    Efficient Water SystemExperts recommend choosing a water-efficient system that automatically adjusts to your watering schedule, according to the current season and weather condition. Also, you should constantly monitor the water system and address any issues like broken or damaged heads, broken pipes, stuck valves or any other problems that causes water leaks.

  3. Divide Landscape into Water Zones 

    Create Water Zones for Similar PlantsWater requirements and growth conditions will vary for each plant. Therefore, you should divide your landscape area into separate zones so that plants with similar watering requirements can be planted together. This will reduce the possibilities of overwatering any specific plant. Also, consider using drought-tolerant plants when possible as an essential water conservation tip.

  4. Consider Removing Weeds

    Remove Weeds from Your landscape to Conserve Water Weeds steal away water and nutrients from your landscape plants. Therefore, you should always check for growing weeds in your landscape. You can either remove young weeds by pulling them out with your hands or use simple tools before they grow larger and spread further. You can also consider drip irrigation as it prevents weeds in your landscape.

  5. Water Only When Needed

    Water as per requirement to save waterWatering plants when not needed will lead to excess water around your landscape area, and it may collect on sidewalks or streets. Therefore, you should water plants only when needed. This is one of the excellent ways to save water and ensure a healthy landscape even while using a commercial irrigation system.


Rob Biehl

Rob Biehl

Rob Biehl has been in the commercial and residential landscaping business for many, many years. His experience and understanding of project management as well as his extensive horticultural knowledge has added significant value to many clients’ landscape image.

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