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5 Unique Hardscape Ideas to Beautify Your Landscape

5 Unique Hardscape Ideas to Beautify Your Landscape By Rob Biehl On March 7, 2019

A beautiful and modern landscape not only makes a great value addition to your home, but it also provides a place where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. Incorporating hardspace elements into your landscape will make it unique and stand out. A hardscape design includes the use of natural stones, wood, pavers, tile, concrete, and even metal elements.

Here are Five Unique Front Yard Hardscape Ideas to Consider:

1. A Beautiful Patio

Front House Patio Idea

A patio is the central point of focus in your hardscape design. It is a place where you can relax, socialize with friends and organize family gatherings. While creating your patio, you can either go with inexpensive gravel or solid granite stones, sandstones, or limestones depending on your personal preference and budget.

2. Fire Pit

Front Yard Hardscape Fire Pit

A fire pit is perfect for adding a fire element in your front yard. They are not only functional, but they also add a unique style to your landscape design. A fire pit is generally built using river rock, bricks, concrete, limestone, or flagstone as they are durable. Depending on your individual requirement, you can either have a propane-fueled or a wood burning fire pit.

3. A Designer Pathway

Hardscape Designer Pathway for Front Yard

A designer stone pathway is a great front yard hardscape idea and it can be very useful as well. It'll help you drain water from certain areas. You can also add green plants around it, and sloped pathways will naturally disperse water to them. The pathway can be built around the borders or around the flower beds, depending on the size of your front yard. 

4. Outdoor Kitchen

Hardscape Outdoor Kitchen for Front Yard

A great element to be added to your hardscape design! An outdoor kitchen is quite useful during your parties or family gatherings. It provides a specific outdoor area where you can cook delicious meals and entertain your guests. You can add cooking appliances, countertops, and barbecue utensils in your outdoor kitchen. 

5. Water Features

Hardscape Water Features for Front-Yard

Water features add positive energy to your landscape. If you live in a climate with regular precipitation, you can always have a small water wall, pond, lake or waterfall in your front yard. It can combine well with greenery around and make your yard beautiful.

Use these front yard hardscape ideas and strike a perfect balance in your landscape design.

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Rob Biehl

Rob Biehl

Rob Biehl has been in the commercial and residential landscaping business for many, many years. His experience and understanding of project management as well as his extensive horticultural knowledge has added significant value to many clients’ landscape image.

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