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Top 7 Driveway Lighting Ideas

Top 7 Driveway Lighting Ideas By Rob Biehl On August 11, 2020

Driveway lighting is a crucial element of your overall landscaping plan. This is because having proper driveway lights can help to guide traffic, avoid accidents, improve security, and make your home more accessible for your visitors.

Here are seven driveway lighting ideas to help you determine the best one for your property.

Contemporary Edge

If you like the contemporary style, you can try fixing bollard lights that lie close to the ground with geometric patterns on both sides. This type of driveway lighting is bold and edgy. All you have to do is look for the right design.

Modern Lantern Style

While choosing your driveway lighting, make sure that the design you choose should brighten and blend perfectly with your landscaping design. For example, if you want to give your landscaping an enchanted feel, consider driveway lights with a lantern design that are translucent and emit a soft, candle-like glow.


If you prefer to install fixtures closer to the ground that stay unnoticeable, then up-lights are your best option. If you have big trees near the driveway, up-lights can help define the driveway edges and add some ambient light to them.


If you have big trees down your driveway or posts to hang down-lights, down-lighting will help you create a unique atmosphere with very little pre-planning. In addition to down-lighting, you may also need other types of light sources, such as bollards or well lights, depending on your driveway design. This will ensure that you have an evenly lit driveway.

Path Lights

Remember that there is no need to light up your entire driveway. It would be aesthetically pleasing if you add only the sufficient light to show the way. Alternating path lights can help add a natural look to your driveway. Typically, each path light provides a ten-foot diameter of light and looks good if you have plant beds along your driveway.

LED Lighting

When it comes to driveway lighting, LED lighting offers long-lasting, powerful illumination, and they are also highly energy efficient. They help highlight your landscape features, improve the curb appeal of your home, and always impress your visitors.

The Driveway Entrance

Driveway entrance lighting is also important to take into account while designing your driveway. A simple idea to light up your driveway entrance is to place some stake lights on both sides. Another approach is to construct stone pillars to mark the entrance and have lights fitted on top of them.

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