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7 Common Lawn Problems and How to Fix Them

7 Common Lawn Problems and How to Fix Them By Rob Biehl On March 19, 2019

Keeping your lawn properly maintained adds great value to your home. Many pests and problems can cause your lawn to look unhealthy. Check out some of the most common lawn problems and how to fix them.

  1. Lawn Caterpillars

    Lawn Caterpillars - Lawn Problem 1

    During the evenings, lawn caterpillar bites away at the grass. During the day, they hide between the roots of the grass.

    Solution: Leave a damp towel on the grass overnight to check for lawn caterpillars. In the morning, you can see a few caterpillars under the towel. You can use the insecticide to remove the lawn caterpillars. This does not cause any harms to bees, birds, and other wildlife.

  2. White Grubs

    White Grubs - Lawn Problem 2

    You can see adult chafer beetles’ eggs in the soil. This grub will hatch and feed on underground plant parts. White grubs can easily destroy the roots of your lawn which be eaten away if the infestation is severe.

    Solution: Regular watering and proper fertilization can prevent infestation. You can also apply Imidacloprid in late spring or early summer to control the beetles.

  3. Brown, Dry Grass

    Brown, Dry Grass - Lawn Problem 3

    Heavy compacted areas can dry your grasses.

    Solution: Annual aeration is important for lawn care. You can use a garden fork to spike the whole lawn before spring. Also, consider installing stepping stones if the area has regular foot traffic.

  4. Mole Crickets

    Mole Crickets - Lawn Problem 4

    In spring, the adult mole cricket lay eggs in the soil. The hatched nymphs feed on your lawn’s root system. If not controlled, the cycle continues and will finally destroy all of the grass.

    Solution: Use a chemical pesticide or you can pour dishwashing detergent mixed with water into the holes. You should do this regularly. It may not be a permanent cure but will decrease the population of mole crickets.

  5. Winter Grass

    Winter Grass - Lawn Problem 5

    Winter grass is an ugly weed. It can easily grow big and ruin the look of your lawn.

    Solution: Manually removes the weeds before it starts spreading the seeds all around your garden.

  6. Circular Dead Spots

    Circular Dead Spots - Lawn Problem 6

    Your dog’s or cat’s urine can cause circular dead spots.

    Solution: Keep your dog or cat away from your lawn. The dead spots can be cleaned with a hose.

  7. Nutsedge

    Nutsedge - Lawn Problem 7

    They are common weeds that grow in waterlogged soil. Leaking sprinklers, frequent irrigation, and poor drainage can encourage their growth.

    Solution: Manually removes the weeds or you can regularly trim the plants.

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Rob Biehl

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