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Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Increase Curb Appeal on Budget

Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Increase Curb Appeal on Budget By Rob Biehl On August 6, 2019

Outdoor lighting includes any illumination that is used to provide light, safety, decoration, and visual orientation to your home’s exterior. It involves tactical placement of various lighting styles on your sidewalks, garden, driveways, porches, decks, and by your fountain or poolside. 

You can blend different affordable & easy outdoor lighting ideas to increase the curb appeal of your home. Here are some tips to help you with this.

  1. Prefer LED Light Fixtures:

    LED Lights for Your Outdoor Lighting PurposeFor long-lasting results, always use led lights for landscape lighting because they can endure strong precipitation and storms. Also, you can adjust their brightness as needed. 

  2. Make Use of Lighting Timers:

    Programmable Lighting Timers to Fit in Your BudgetOutdoor lighting can be set to switch on automatically at predefined times using timers. You can also use programmable lighting timers that automatically light up as the night deepens and get dimmer as the day breaks.

  3. Light Up the Areas People Use More Often:

    Lighting Up Areas Commonly UsedDeciding where to place landscape lighting can be challenging. A rule of thumb is to provide adequate lighting to the places that people use most often such as patios, stairways, walkways, and driveways.

  4. Make Sure to Illuminate Natural Features:

    Lighting Natural FeaturesIlluminating the natural features in your landscape such as water features, tree bases, and the garden wall will add a magical appeal to your view.  

  5. Use Task & Accent Lighting Ideas:

    Illuminating Pond/PoolTask lighting helps you to achieve particular tasks such as walking safely to the front door. Accent lighting is used for decoration such as illuminating a pond. Using a combination of task and accent outdoor lighting ideas will improve the curb appeal of your home.

How Outdoor Lighting Improves Your Home Security

In addition to improving your home's exterior appearance, outdoor lighting is also useful in keeping your home safe from intruders. Illuminating your home exterior at night can make it difficult for the burglars to break in as there is no darkness where they can hide. 

Therefore, if you are worried about theft, invest in some outdoor lighting to discourage intruders. However, avoid overly bright lights because they may create unattractive shadows.

Contact us for outdoor lighting installation, and keep your landscape well lit to avoid unnecessary accidents while you walk around at night.
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