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Top 7 Benefits of Mulching Your Garden

Top 7 Benefits of Mulching Your Garden By Rob Biehl On July 9, 2019

While preparing your garden maintenance plan, mulching should be on the top of your priority list. Mulching is all about placing a protective barrier around your green plants and over bare soil, which adds an aesthetic appeal to your landscape.

It is one of the best things you can do for your garden. Adding mulch not only improves the health of your plants but also gives an instantly beautiful and finished look to your softscape.

If you are still not sure whether mulching is necessary for your garden or not, here are the top 7 benefits of mulching for you to consider.

  1. Adds Curb Appeal

    Mulching adds vibrant colors to your landscape

    Mulching adds vibrant colors and manicured look to your garden or softscape bed; thus, adding to its curb appeal. It’ll give your garden a finished and refined look by occupying the empty spaces, which also helps in making the maintenance an easier job.

  2. Weed Control

    Limit the unwanted weed growth in your garden

    It is one of the most important reasons why mulch is necessary. Through mulching, you can limit the unwanted weed growth in your garden or landscape. Mulch acts as a barrier, which prevents sunlight from reaching the germinating weeds, and they aren’t able to grow.

  3. Moisture Retention

    Mulching ensures soil moisture

    It is a well-known fact that moisture is one of the essential requirements for the growth of plants. Mulching ensures that the soil is moist for a longer time. While organic mulches absorb water, both organic and non-organic mulches cover the soil to limit evaporation. It is very helpful, especially during the hot and dry season.

  4. Prevents Soil Erosion

    Mulch acts as a barrier and control soil erosion

    Mulching not just helps in retaining moisture but also prevents any chances of soil erosion. Acting as a barrier, mulch prevents soil erosion by lessening the rainwater’s force and thus preventing it from washing away your soil.

  5. Maintains Soil Nutrition & Temperature

    Maintains the nutrition level & temperature in the soil

    By keeping excessive water away, mulch also prevents nutrients from getting washed away from the soil. If you are using organic mulch, it will release nutrients into the soil, thus, maintaining the nutrition level in the soil.

    It also serves as an effective insulating layer to the soil, keeping the soil cooler for a longer time, and reducing instant evaporation.

  6. Controls Pests

    Mulching Controls Pests

    Mulching works as pest control too. Certain types of mulch, such as cedar bark have natural oil that acts as an insect repellant and keeps pests away from your soil and plants. It is always advisable to use mulch that is very fragrant, as it’ll have the greatest effect on insects.

  7. Attracts Earthworms

    Organic material to encourage earthworms in garden

    When you use organic material for mulching, you encourage earthworms to enter your garden and occupy the soil bed. Earthworms boost the nutrient cycling and therefore, improve the soil structure of your garden. 

So now you know that adding mulch is an easy and speedy solution for all those who are planning to spruce up the landscape and improve plants’ growth. If you want to learn more about when to mulch your garden, the type of mulch that will best suit your needs, what does mulch do, or any other mulching tips, contact Premier Concepts. Contact Landscaping Expert- Premier Concepts

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Rob Biehl

Rob Biehl

Rob Biehl has been in the commercial and residential landscaping business for many, many years. His experience and understanding of project management as well as his extensive horticultural knowledge has added significant value to many clients’ landscape image.

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