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10 Water Features to Make Your Backyard Landscape Complete

10 Water Features to Make Your Backyard Landscape Complete By Rob Biehl On June 23, 2020

Backyard water features help you create a calming and relaxing outdoor space. From a water fountain for your backyards to pond-less water features for your garden area, here are 10 backyard waterscape features you will love.

1. Rock Fountain

This six tiered backyard water feature with flowing water and lights on each side provides a serene space to relax and unwind. This can be attached to a wall or can be displayed as a standalone water feature to fit your outdoor space capacity.

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2. Backyard Koi Pond

A backyard water feature complete with live fishes, a backyard koi pond can be the center of attraction in your backyard landscape. These can be built using DIY kits or by a professional landscape designer. Although they are high maintenance, they are worth it and complete your backyard landscape beautifully.

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3. Sphere Fountains

Also called Ball Fountains or Round Fountains, can be a unique water feature for your backyard landscape. It is a distinguished backyard water feature that would delight all your guests. From rock structures to marble water features, standalone to mounted on a height, choose whatever you’d like.

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4. Bird Bath

Bird baths are more than backyard landscape water features. They attract beautiful birds, adding more colour and character to your garden or backyard. They are easy to maintain and can also have additional features like a bird feeder or a bird house.

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5. Custom Creek

This can be created as an extension of the backyard water feature as a garden border. This can be made sustainable using strategically placed stones which would guide the water to a retaining pool from where it is pumped back up to the top of the creek.

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6. Pond-less Waterfall

A pond-less waterfall is a beautiful waterscape that you could have only a small part of your yard dedicated to. This can be placed strategically to be an extended part of the house or as a separate backyard feature with independent sitting.

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7. Pools and Waterfalls

A combination of ponds and fountains ensures that the combination of a running water feature with stagnant water feature adds accent to your outdoor space with fish and other aquatic flora-fauna.

8. Multi-layer Pool

This backyard water feature ensures relaxing activities in the shallow end under an umbrella with the option of swimming and other pool sports in the deeper side of the pool. This brings multiple options in a single backyard landscape water feature.

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9. Double Pond Water Features

A unique set-up of two distinguished side by side ponds in a single backyard. This water feature can add interest to any garden area and can beautifully reflect the personalities of two people staying in the house. One can be a his pond and the other can be hers.

10. Large Fountain

A large fountain in the backyard can be a luxury feature. You can hear the peaceful bubbling sound the water makes in your backyard. It doesn’t need to be very large in size and it will still certainly make your home feel like a palace.

If you liked the ideas shared above, contact the team at Premier Concepts to help you with the plan and the design. We will bring your ideas to life.

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Rob Biehl

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